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tournament champ. Vohmyanin ” Exercise – Core ” numerous absolute champ of competition ” Daugavpils’ best individual “.

Over 10 years a total Latvian benchpress history belonged to Vokhmyanin..

Owner of the very effective hands in Latvia among bodybuilding – Romanov Dmitry ” Conditioning – ??enter ” Despite therefore impressing look youthful Daugavpils player Evgenie Naglis ” Conditioning – ??enter ” is just a novice bodybuilder. Latvian strongest Konstantin Konstantinov not-too spoiled their lovers to the arena has centered on progress of drive.

His best results – world-record loop in deadlift – 430 kg – Latvia benchpress champ – 260 kg Fitnalist of ” Common ” the absolute strongmen that are most effective in Latvia – Artis Plivda Daugavpils ” Conditioning – Middle ” Alexandrov Vitaly includes an enormous mass of muscle while staying very proportional and athlete that is functional. Additionally Vitaly – is hardly weak physically.

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Its operating fat within the bench-press reaches up-to 220 kg. Tokarev – Tokarev – fitness champion in sets with Zamyatina and Planet exercise champ in frames with Betty Deksne Complete Latvia Cup success Labudz is Western champion and earth vice -champion of exercise.

Moreover Labudz – repeated overall champion and recordholder of the Latvian benchpress champion that was classic and “Best man of ” events – 220 kg. For guys who received “world champion” name Marakhovsky turned the initial player in 2001 utter champion.

Vladimir Marakhovsky for 10 years that are over was Latvia champ in deadlift. Utter Latvia Winner – 2002 Yuriy turned the very first player from Latvia guys who received “complete champ of Europe” and ” World ” brands.

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It just happened in 2002. Sergeyev started performing within the late 80is and continued to compete up to the European Champion in 2003 Repeated Latvian Pot and complete Latvia success.

Maslovsky in 2001 turned the very first in Latvia for males overall Amber Prix champ. Alexander Maslovsky – first in Western success among men.

Europe’s absolute champ. Vice-champion of the world.

Together with Alexander Vahmyanin champ of Prix tournament the Latvian Pot Mechislav Cvechkovsky ” Conditioning – Core “‘s absolute champ became the primary men in 1998. Cvechkovsky is absolute success of ” The strongest man of Daugavpils ” event and Latvian champion and recordholder in benchpress that is established.

The Latvian male bodybuilder the best natural supplements to increase testosterone who won the Western concept 1998 NABBA. NABBA Mr.

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Universe among vets – Visotskis The prize winner of the very first champion of Latvia on body building 1981. Daugavpils Shvejduks seemed on-stage up-to WFF world-championship 2002 Rybakov Sergey gets the longstanding of activities among the body builders that are Latvian.

The repeated winner of the best all natural testosterone booster Latvia. Seems since 1982 on-stage.

Now Rybakov trains in ” Conditioning – Center ” and continues to compete. The various champ along with the prize-winner of strength triathlon of 80-s and Latvia winners on stuff that are athletic’ decades the very first Latvia championship 1981’s Champ – Sergey.

Now is who is fit. Latvian Bodybuilding 70’s patriarch – 80th decades Anatoly Popov executed at our tournaments up-to 2004 First Latvia??’s absolute success bodybuilding tournament 1981.

Daugavpils. 70’s best bodybuilder – decades – Poljakov.

Last time Stanislav appeared inside Latvia Daugavpils’ championship on stage in 1996. Today Poljakov – lives in Israel.

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